Cat Ba hotels

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Food and drink

Fish sauce is specialty of Cat Ba, it enriches every meal of Vietnamese. The product is simple and inexpensive but it adds the flavor of each dish. Step foot on the island of Cat...
Sea crab spring rolls

Fried nem, which is also known as spring roll, has long been considered one of the symbols of Vietnamese cuisine. That’s why it appears in all the three regions of Vietnam with a little...
Salt roasted crabs

Salt roasted sea crab is not only tasty but also nutritional. Salt roasted sea crab has been become a specialty of Cat Ba. Sea crabs can be found at any coast religion, but each region...
Fermented pork roll

Nam Son hamlet, An Tho commune, An Lao, Hai Phong has long been famous for making nem chua (fermented pork roll), - Nem chua An Tho is a trustful brand name. According to villagers,...

Place to see

Cat Ba

In recent years, Cat Ba tourism is one of the top choices that Vietnamese and foreigners prefer, especially in the summer or around holidays....
Cat Ba Island

Rugged, craggy and jungle-clad Cat Ba, the largest island in Halong Bay, has experienced a tourism surge in recent years.

Cat Ba makes for a relaxing holiday destination, but behind the scenic landscapes great efforts are being made to preserve the island’s wildlife.
Cat Ba biosphere reserve

Cat Ba is a small archipelago consisting of 366 small and large islands, being located at the south-western of Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay and round 60 kilometres far from Hai Phong Port
Map of Cat Ba

Overview Cat Ba island is located in Hai Phong city. It is about 10 km South East of Halong bay. Cat Ba incuded Cat Ba...
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