Climbing on Cat Ba Island

Climbing in Cat Ba
Climbing in Cat Ba

The attractive nine hiking route climbing on Cat Ba Island is one of the most dangerous adventures which draw many tourists. There are some suggested locations for you:

If you have a plan “change atmosphere” from romantic holiday to strong feeling, you can refer some type as a climbing. Climbing is not only adventured service type which a lot of young people, families choose on vacation but also to be good for your health.

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Dau Be Island

Đầu Bê Island is a small island on Halong Bay. It takes you 2hours by boat. This cliff has triangle shape, limestone, you have to use safe drew.

Dau Be island
Dau Be island

Bèo wharf

This is a main port of Cat Ba Island, far from Cat Ba town about 2km. Stone cliff is on the right with above level 7 of five routes climbing which Slopony created in 2008. Stone cilff qualification is very good. However in this summer, visitor should be careful to hilk because of slippery. When you start, you should pay attention on cliff, fisherman usually dry fishing-net or hang up electric wires

Rock climbing
Rock climbing

Vân Bôi

This is a small sea, not far from Cat Ba and challenging climbing routes up to the top of the rocks. Climbing routes include three sports routes, traditional routes and a lot of routes which can be used to hike.

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